Prunus minutiflora Engelm. ex A.Gray

, Boston J. Nat. Hist. 6(2): 185 (-186) (1850).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Boston Journal of Natural History. Boston, MA
6(2): 185 (-186)
Date of Publication
Jan 1850
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Hills and dry slopes between San Antonio and New Braunfels, in large clusters.
Distribution Of Types
Texas (South-Central U.S.A., Northern America)

Nomenclatural Notes

alt. title: Pl. Lindheim. 2: 185-186.


A. Gray ascribed P. minutiflora to Engelmann and provided a detailed description (including a remark from Engelmann: Stamens 10 to 15, in two or three circles, the innermost partially abortive; inadequate for validation of a species name).


Basionym of
Amygdalus minutiflora (Engelm. ex A.Gray) W.Wight
Basionym of
Amygdalus minutiflora (Engelm. ex A.Gray) W.Wight, Dudley Mem. Vol. 132 (1913).
Basionym of
Emplectocladus minutiflorus (Engelm. ex A.Gray) Dayton, Misc. Publ. U.S.D.A. 101: 70 (1931).
Same citation as
Prunus minutiflora Engelm., Boston J. Nat. Hist. vi. (1850) 185.