Cacalia decomposita A.Gray

, Smithsonian Contr. Knowl. 4: 361 (1853). BHL
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Washington, DC
4: 361
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Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Sonora (Mexico, Northern America)

Nomenclatural Notes

Plantae Wrightianae, pt. 2, p. 99


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Mesadenia decomposita (A.Gray) Standl.
Nomenclatural link
Odontotrichum decompositum (A.Gray) Rydb.
Nomenclatural link
Odontotrichum decompositum Rydb., Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 51: 414 (1924).
Nomenclatural link
Mesadenia decomposita Standl., Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 19: 749 (1915).
Nomenclatural link
Psacalium decompositum (A.Gray) H.Rob. & Brettell, Phytologia 27: 260 (1973).