Capparis sclerophylla Iltis & Cornejo

, Novon 15(3): 430 (429-437; figs. 1-3) (2005).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Novon; a Journal for Botanical Nomenclature. St. Louis, MO
15(3): 430 (429-437; figs. 1-3)
Date of Publication
21 Sep 2005
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team
X. Cornejo & C. Bonifaz
Bahía de Caraquez a 8 km, alrededores de Univ. Católica, alt. 30 m
Collection Date
27 Oct 1997
Type Herbaria
holotype WIS
isotype AAU
isotype B
isotype COL
isotype DAV
isotype F
isotype GB
isotype GH
isotype GUAY
isotype K
isotype LOJA
isotype MA
isotype MEXU
isotype MO
isotype MY
isotype NY
isotype P
isotype QCA
isotype QCNE
isotype RSA
isotype SBT
isotype UC
isotype US
isotype USM
isotype VEN
isotype WIS
45' S
80° 32' W
Distribution Of Types
Manabi (Ecuador, Western South America, Southern America)


Basionym of
Cynophalla sclerophylla (Iltis & Cornejo) Cornejo & Iltis, Harvard Pap. Bot. 11(1): 17 (2006).
Basionym of
Morisonia sclerophylla (Iltis & Cornejo) Christenh. & Byng, Global Fl. 4: 142 (2018).