Salix × marchettii Merli & F.Martini

, Candollea 72(2): 342 (2017).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Candollea; Organe du Conservatoire et du Jardin Botaniques de la Ville de Genève. Geneva
72(2): 342
Date of Publication
20 Jul 2017
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team
M.Merli s.n.
Tuscany : Prov. Massa-Carrara, Apuan Alps, NW slope of M. Pelato along the road from Pian della Fioba to the M. Pelato tunnel, 1010 m
Collection Date
15 May 2016
Type Herbaria
holotype FI
isotype G
isotype Herb. Merli
isotype ROV
Distribution Of Types
Italy (Italy, Southeastern Europe, Europe)

Nomenclatural Notes



doi:10.15553/c2017v722a11 the new hybrid is dedicated to Dino Marchetti (Massa), researcher and expert on the flora of the Apuan Alps


Hybrid Parent
Salix crataegifolia Bertol., J. Bot. Agric. 2: 76 (1813).
Hybrid Parent
Salix eleagnos Scop., Fl. Carniol., ed. 2. 2: 257 (1771).