A Numerical List of dried specimens of plants in the East India Company's Museum: collected under the superintendence of Dr. Wallich of the Company's botanic garden at Calcutta. London

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Numer. List [Wallich]
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preface, 1 Dec 1828
nos. 1-2153, 1829
2154-2603. 1830
2604-4877. 1831
4878-6224. 1831-32
6225-7683. 1832
7684-8233. 1847
8234-8521. 22 Oct 1847
8622-, 5 Aug 1848
p. 300, 10 Nov 1849
Description: 306 leaves. Leaves 1-268: Enumeratio 7683 specierum e collectione Wallichiana et Indices. -- Leaves 269-305: Numerical list of dried plants in the herbarium of the Honorable East India Company presented to the Linnean Society of London. Continued from Dr. Wallich. Continet enumerattionem 1465 (7681-9148) specierum. -- Leaves 305-306: Addenda et corrigenda. Lithographed from a manuscript by N. Wallich and G. Bentham. Often cited as 'Wallich's Catalogue.' [names of new taxa are invalid] Many of the nomina nuda in this list were validated by descriptions in G. Don, Gen. Syst. See Sprague (Bull. Misc. Info. Kew 159, 312-314. 1925) for a list (TL2 7: 40. 1988). comb./stat./nom. novs. are valid (see D. J. Mabberley (in K. S. Manilal (ed.), Bot. & Hist. Hort. Malab. 90-91, 102-105. 1980) for a list of validly published names from Wallich 1st and 2nd lists. He (p. 105-106) also listed Wallich's names validated by Bentham, D. Don, and Royle.
Wallich, Nathaniel
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