Ionios Anthologia. Corfu

Standard Form
Ionios Anthologia
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Vols. 1(pts. 1-4)–2(pt. 5), 1834–35
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online version
Flora Corcirese. Under this title, a catalogue of Corfu plants was published in the Ionian Anthology—a magazine of general literature which was published in Corfu in 1834-5. Five parts only appeared, the first four (pt. 2: 424-469; pt. 3: 668-703; pt. 4: 940-961) of which formed the first volume (961 p.), and the last part (pt. 5: 180-227) belonged to the second volume [For details and authorship, see Britten, J. Bot. 31: 355–356. 1893; 32: 373. 1894]