Geological Survey of California. J. D. Whitney, State Geologist. Botany. Cambridge, MA

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Bot. California [W.H.Brewer]
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Vol. 1, May-Jun 1876
vol. 2, Jul-Dec 1880 (some¹pages were issued in 1879, as preprints)
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Vol. 1, Polypetalae by W. H. Brewer and S. Watson; gamopetalae by A.¹Gray; vol. 2, S. Watson with contributions by Bebb, Englemann, W. Boott,¹G. Thurber, D. C. Eaton,; Bebb's contribution in vol. 2 (pp. 82-90) were¹available as a preprint on 10 Jul 1879; Engelmann's contribution (2:¹93-99, 104-107) available as a preprint on 1 Oct 1879. INTERNET LINK:
Brewer, William Henry²Watson, Sereno²Gray, Asa
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