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How to register a new plant name

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Step 2: Register a new plant name

  • choose what kind of nomenclatural novelty you want to register: whether you are registering a new name, a new combination or a replacement name
  • add the plant name details
  • review and submit

Step 3: A Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) will be emailed to you

Now you've registered a new plant name you will be sent an LSID that you should use in your publication.

An LSID is a unique identifier used for referencing and accessing biological data (including plant names) stored in multiple digital sources across the web. Publishing a new plant name with an associated LSID will ensure the name will be easily accessed by the global botanical community.

  • easier to find new plant names in digital repositories
  • increased consistency in naming plants
  • reduction in the number of names published contrary to the rules of the International Code of Nomenclature
  • more semantic web connections

Once you’ve registered a new plant name

Is your publication ready? Don't forget to include your LSID in it. You can request a release of the new plant name to the IPNI website. Your contribution will help promote your work and make IPNI a more comprehensive plant name resource/database