Brachyscome Cass.

, Bulletin des Sciences par la Soci?t? Philomatique de Paris Ann?e 1816 (1816).
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Bulletin des Sciences par la Soci?t? Philomatique de Paris Ann?e 1816
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Dict. Sci. Nat. 5 (Mar. 1817) Suppl. 63. Base name for BELLIS sect. BRACHYSCOME (Cass.) Baillon. Orthographic variants include BRACHYCOME H.Cassini, Dict. Sci. Nat. 37 (Dec. 1825) 464, 491 - the orthography most commonly used in Australia. See paper by D.J.N.Hind & C.Jeffrey, Kew Bull. 43 (1988) 329-331 where a case is put for acceptance of the spelling BRACHYCOME over BRACHYSCOME following Art. 73 of the code - the case depends on interpretation of what constitutes a typographic or orthographic error. BRACHYCOME was submitted for conservation and was rejected on a majority opinion that conservation was not necessary (see Taxon 3 (1954) 242). There are different interpretations of this ruling - 1). that it was not necessary as one should stay with the original spelling and 2). that it was not necessary as correction was in accordance with the Code. Opinion from members of the Committee at the time suggest that the latter was the reason. This matter needs to be resolved. See Proposal to conserve 8878 Brachycome Cass. (Asteraceae) by K.Adolphi et al., Taxon 38 (1989) 511-513


Basionym of
Bellis sect. Brachyscome (Cass.) Baill., Histoire des Plantes 8 (1882).
Duplicate citation of
Brachyscome Cass., Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris 199 (1816).