Synoptical Flora of North America. New York

Standard Form
Syn. Fl. N. Amer.
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
1(1.1): 1-208. Oct. 1895
1(1.2): 209-506. Jun 1897
¹1(2): 1-474. July 1884
2(1): 1-402. May 1878
A. Gray published vols. 2(1), 1(2) and a portion of 1(1) before his death. Treatment of the rest of volume 1(1) was left to S. Watson, and subsequently, after his death, to B. L. Robinson, who was assisted by J.M. Coulter, W. Trelease, and L.H. Bailey. Regarding the usage of infrageneric ranks, Gray (2(1): v (preface)) mentioned: “The characters of sections of genera, when of comparatively high rank, are designated by the sectional mark (§) and printed in the larger type; and those of first importance, such as may be termed subgenera, are distinguished by having a substantive name. Subsections, and also primary divisions when of low rank, are in small type.
Gray, Asa
TL-2 Number

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